"Total buzz-worthy buzz band. Part blood-red lipstick and wet cellar (that must be partly the moog-effect, manned by Jake Larson), part thrashed so hard the vintage updo liberated itself, part dark-side-of-the-roller-rink with GoGo and Doo-Wop moments. This is singer Rachel Phoenix’s first Homegrown, I think she said, but she’s got a natural command of the stage. She danced, she banged her head, she got down too low to see. And everything she sings sounds like she really, really freaking means it. Her bandmates, Jesse Hoheisel, Ryan Nelson and Jacob Swanson followed suit. Suffice to say: There was enough authenticity on that stage to open an Authenticity Shop and never run short of supply." Review by Christa Lawler, DNT.

From the Homegrown Music Festival Field Guide:
Call it a dark supergroup with Jacob Swanson (Dad’s Acid, Planemo), Jake Larson (Manheat), Jesse Hoheisel (Portrait of Drowned Man) and Ryan Nelson (The Farsights) teaming with gritty vocals from Rachel Phoenix to create what it calls “harrowing proto pop and garage soul.” Their groove is anchored in Larson’s distorted Moog bass tones that take flight using Phoenix’s raw power. The band debuted this past winter with fans of the band members’ other projects screaming a collective “yes, please.”